Recent Presentations and News:

I received the Health Policy Research Scholars Dissertation Award ($10,000)

I received the UC PromISE Graduate Student Fellowship 2020. ($7,000)

A co-authored article was published in Demographic Research (link).

I won the California Center for Population Research at UCLA Donald J. Treiman Fellowship 2020 ($6,000).

The following were accepted for presentation at the Population Association of America (in April 2020)- due to COVID19, presentations in person were cancelled:

Immigration Status and the Financial Resources of Older-age Latino/as (paper session);Longer Lives in Poverty: U.S. Immigrants’ Longevity Advantage and Economic Disadvantage in Older Ages (first author: Leafia Ye; paper session); The immigrant health paradox and immigrant status: Differences in all cause and cardiovascular mortality in California (with Dr. Ka-Yuet Liu; poster session).

I was selected as an American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education Graduate Fellow 2020.

I won the UC Network on Child Health, Poverty and Public Policy 2019-2020 Graduate Student Training Grants Competition 2019-2020 ($4,000)

I won a Small Grant from the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Center for Financial Security ($5,000).

I presented at the American Sociological Association in New York in August. The paper I presented is titled: The immigrant health paradox and immigrant status: Differences in mortality of chronic conditions in California. This is a collaborative paper with UCLA sociology professor Ka-Yuet Liu in which we use death records in California to examine how immigration status influences deaths related to chronic diseases. The paper was presented in the Section on Racial and Ethnic Minorities Refereed Roundtables.

I presented a poster at the International Sociological Association RC28 conference at Princeton. The poster title was: Understanding Unstable Healthcare Access among California Latinos. This project is based on qualitative interviews from the pilot of an innovative project called the American Voices Project, led by the Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality.

I recently published an op-ed about the relationship between aging and immigration in the United States. It is available in the Public Health Post.

I recently joined the University of California on their Graduate Advocacy Day to inform the California legislature about the importance of sustaining graduate education. More information about these efforts can be found here.

Below are some photos of my recent engagements:

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